Infant Massage

Infant Massage: first essential touch – Greg Morling

Infant Symposium 2021

This symposium was held in November 2021 throughout NSW and for the first-time massage therapy was represented as part of a major government initiative to inform therapy that is very beneficial for parents and infants. Over six hundred health care workers attended this e-symposium, and I am informed that many others have listened to the Symposium later.

While I was asked to present and represent massage therapy to NSW Health, I am aware of many fellow massage therapists who already provide this essential therapy as practitioners and teachers and have done for many years.

While there are so many therapeutic areas where massage therapy can be so successful, there are two fields where we are truly needed and necessary: aged care and infant massage.

My role here was to focus on the later of these two areas and I hope that you are happy with my attempt to represent you as valuable therapists in the parent and infant mental health area.

I have only included my presentation in my Blog because the complete Symposium went for over four hours. I do hope you will check out the other speakers’ topics which while not involving massage therapy, are very interesting.



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