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Mostly Massage TV – Episode 1

The best massage oils to use in your massage clinic with Greg Morling and Donna Eddy

Orchid Angel Charity for Moo Baan Dek

Here are the Photos from Moo Baan Dek School where we took the books from Five Dock Public School. The school is for children in distress and is close to where so many Australian POW’s died on the Thai -Burma railway so it has significance on several levels.

Founded in 1979, Moo Baan Dek, or Children’s Village School was located on Kwae Noi River (the River Kwai); Tasao Sub-district, Sai Yoke District, Kanchanaburi. It moved to the present location on the bank of Kwae Yai River, Wangdong Sub-district, Muang, Kanchanaburi in 1985. The 80 acres (app. 32 ha) of land was donated by Chinda Iam-Chamriang Foundation, and the construction of initial buildings was funded by Foundation for Children.

I am a past primary educator and with my sister, the acting deputy of Summer Hill Primary, we took your donated books to the school a few weeks ago. The kids are wonderful and we spent some time reading the books to some very interested children. I speak some Thai and was able to translate some of the English words. The English teacher can also be seen in some of the pics as well.  

I feel it is important for those who contribute to our charity receive feedback on how the donations, whatever form they may take.

Many thanks,
Greg Morling

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