Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of stones are used in the Mostly Massage sets and in the training?
A. The Mostly Massage thermal stones are the finest quality Australian metamorphic stones. They are the 300 million years old; the most ancient stones available holding more heat than basalt stone. They are completely organic and have a natural textured smoothness and are individually chosen to suite the contours of the body.

Q. Can you replace or change the Mostly Massage Thermal stones?
A. Yes. We believe strongly that you must be comfortable and happy working with all your stones. This is an important issue for you and your client. We replace any stones that you feel don’t suite you.

Q. What are the benefits of choosing to train with the Mostly Massage Thermal Stones?
A. Greg Morling is well known around Australia and New Zealand as a leading massage therapist, trainer and presenter. 23 years in massage therapy, a Masters degree in Education for natural therapists and a long hands-on history in clinic, spas and salons means that you will receive the most comprehensive and sound training in Thermal Stone massage available. Greg started training therapists in this wonderful technique in 2001 and individualized instruction for every workshop participant based on their ability and requirements. Comprehensive notes are supplied and Certification is awarded on course completion. There are also opportunities to continue you thermal stone education at our Mostly Massage Thermal Stone Conventions held bi-annually.

Q. What are the costs associated with the Mostly Massage training?
A. The 2 – day course is $440 and we supply the cheapest equipment available in Australia including 6 litre and 18 litre professional heating units as well as quality Thermal stone sets. You are not pressured into buying equipment form us and there are always substantial discounts for workshop participants on the training days. Our focus is on training you to perform this most blissful treatment safely and professionally.

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